Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Passion for Plumage: A History of Feathers in Fashion

 Last week I attended a fabulous fashion show at the Beatty Museum of Biodiversity featuring clothing from the collections of Ivan Sayers and Claus Janke. I always enjoy Mr. Sayers' fashion shows and lectures and I loved every minute of this one. I was in a poor seat to take photos, but I captured the spirit of a few pieces.

 Sayers is doing a lecture titled Fauna in Fashion: The Exploitation of Animals for Beauty on April 13. It is worth going to hear the talk and see the fabulous photography exhibit by Catherine Stewart along with cabinets displaying examples of the use of feathers in fashion.

 I am inviting people who perform on March 16th in the Starling Cloud Choir to dig into their closets and bring out something eccentric and bird-related to wear. If you want to dress like a starling, think black irridescent with  tan or golden highlights.

 I loved this outfit the best because of the color relationships and the fabulous silhouette. The model really suited the outfit.

 Sadly, many baby birds died for this fabulous coat.

 More great color!

This model is wearing a  bird of paradise hat.

 Hooray for hues of pink flamingo! (But they're really farmed ostrich feathers.)

This hat was difficult to photograph on a dark background. Made of sheared rooster feathers, it really had a fabulous motion when she walked. I'm certainly inspired. Are you? For mo' better photos, check out the museum's flicker page.

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