Monday, February 4, 2013

The Maccha Trail

This weekend I had a lovely respite in Victoria B.C.. While the cyclists were geared up and following the Galloping Goose Trail, my friends and I followed the Maccha Trail, which inevitably started at the Jagasilk tearoom, where they are all about the maccha. (Actually, we found the Galloping Goose Trail and the Maccha Trail intersected at various points.)

Teas are expertly and lovingly prepared and served in gorgeous handmade ceramics.

 The Jagasilk tea room has recently expanded so that there is now seating available upstairs as well as on the main level. The space is very calm and meditative, which is perfect for getting all gunned up on maccha madness!

There are also treats available, baked at Fol Epi.

 Here are some of the places I passed by on the Maccha Trail.

Dude, where's my maccha?

There's mo' maccha at Silk Road, but I bought Tanzanian Gold for my beau and some "mermaid oil" pour moi-même. I think the lavender and petit grain in the mermaid oil is really good medicine for lifting one's spirits at this time of the year. They also have mermaid bath salts which are DIVINE. Peter really likes that Tanzanian Gold tea, a full-bodied black tea which "brightens the mind."

 I had a lovely time shopping at the Victoria Winter Farmer's Market. I bought some local fleur de sel for Peter from the Vancouver Island Salt Company.

 I stayed in a whimsical retreat with a beautiful eucalyptus tree in the back yard and a noisy little hummingbird.

 I also made friends with the resident cat, Eddie.

 Unfortunately Fry's was closed on Sunday, but we headed to the baking district and visited Lone Tree Bakery and Fol Epi.

Our final maccha was at the funky Spiral cafe, which we decided lacked the potency of other maccha drinks on our trail.

To be continued . . . .

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