Friday, April 19, 2013

A Beekeeper's Baby Shower!

When a beekeeper is going to have a baby, it is important to tell the bees.

Marriage, birth, or burying,
News accross the seas,
All your sad or merrying,
You must tell the bees.

Dear Bees,
Our friend is about to pop!
Please welcome the baby into our world.
Prepare the way for the arrival of a new soul.
We promise to love the beekeeper's child and take good care of the wee one.

 Friends, neighbors and family gathered for a lovely celebration with such good food.

Julia made an amazing cake decorated with flowers from around the neighborhood.

 You can see the white chocolate leaves.

There were white violets, mauve violets, currant flowers, and cherry blossoms. Inside the intense chocolate cake, honey was spread between the layers.

Can anyone guess what was sprinkled at the bottom of the cake? Bee pollen!

 This is a beautiful quilt made by the beekeeper mom-to-be.

I have wonderful memories of attending wedding and baby showers when I was a child.

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