Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chicken Sittin'

Say hello to Ginger and Mary Anne.

One of the advantages of having neighbors who keep chicken is winning the lottery for chicken sittin' duties. I kept watching the skies last night, waiting for twilight. When I headed for the coop, the hens were already cuddled up inside, with one in classic brooding position. I reached under her soft belly feathers and picked out two warm fresh eggs.

 Then it's time to head inside and feed the cats.

Cat sitter will never find kitteh here.

 I must report I did witness some classic bad kitty behavior, confirming that when you go away, the cats do chew tinfoil, climb the curtains and poop on the floor.

You can tell there's a gardener living here: pea sprouts and eggshells.

As I walked home in the twilight and chatted with a neighbor, the honeyed aroma of the Skimmia japonica wafted between us. The strong scent attracts bees in the cooler weather.

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