Friday, April 5, 2013

Seeds for Kids at Aberthau!

 It's time to get kids planting seeds! The ritual of putting seeds in soil and watching them grow is one of the most beautiful things we can do. I love seeds and I hoard them like a squirrel, hiding little containers of seeds in tubs, boxes, bags and jars all over our house. Safely stored through the winter, it's time to bring the seeds out and share them with you.

Fennel attracts ladybugs and many other benefial insects to your garden, including all kinds of bees. This year I challenge you to taste fennel pollen. It's delicious!

Collecting seeds was my favorite part of gardening as a child. I believe in encouraging children to touch seeds, work with them, and fall in love with the feel of them in their hands.

Make a seedy sculpture to plant in your garden!

 Slow down and celebrate seeds by embellishing the seed packets with stamps and drawings.

Let seeds inspire you! Let them calm your spirit and pull you in to focus on the important tasks in life. Feeling anxious? Try a little seed therapy. Take a bowl of seeds and just pick them up with your hands and study them. Feeling small and insecure? Meditate on the power of seeds.Turn off the big screen tv and tune into the seed channel!

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